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On a bi-monthly basis Life Esteem distributes the Emotional Wellness Matters Newsletter published by Simmonds Publications.

This newsletter covers a wide range of subjects involving the health and wellbeing of your inner life; from finding work which is compatible with your essential nature to coping with holiday blues.  If you would like to recieve this free newsletter simply send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Life Esteem
1416 Cumberland Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Issues On-Line
Don't Become a Victim of Road Rage Chronic Pain Can Be Managed The Influence of Birth Order on Our Behavior and Relationships Effective Communication
Confronting Procrastination and Getting Things Done Intimacy in Our Relationships The Lost Art of Having Fun Managing Stress
Living With Codependence Dealing With Loss Resisting Violence Understanding Verbally Abusive Relationships
Life's Transitions The Essentials of Self-Esteem Dealing with Difficult People Don't Worry Be Happy
Anger - Managing a Powerful Emotion Working Alone on Your Relationship Forgiveness  The Aftermath of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Preventing Job Burnout Boundaries in Relationships   Addictive Behavior   Interpersoanl Conflict and Effective Communication
Strengthening Familes Understanding Depression Grieving - Our Heartfelt Response to a Major Loss It Takes Two - A Way to Understand Relationship Conflicts
Living With a Chronic Illness Assert Yourself Truth and Honesty in Our Relationships Looking for Love in All the Right Places
Stress and Anxiety Disorders Manipulation in Relationships - And How to Deal With It Emotional Unavailability - When Your Partner Can't Connect Punctuality - Getting There on Time
The Search for Authentic Happiness Understanding the Personality Disorders  


This newsletter is intended to offer general information only and recognizes that individual issues may differ from these broad guidelines. Personal issues should be addressed within a therapeutic context with a professional familiar with the details of the problems.

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