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Life Esteem - Give Yourself the gift of High Self-Esteem

Professional and Personal Training
and Consulting Services

It is the goal of Life Esteem to assist you in reaching your fullest potential for emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being in your personal as well as professional life.  The key to achieving this high-functioning state is to learn to increase and strengthen your sense of self-esteem in all spheres of your life and then to translate that knowledge into action.  It is toward this end that Life Esteem offers its numerous and varied services under the experienced and capable direction of founder and president Patricia L. Gadsden.

Professional Workshops

One of Life Esteem's services includes an offering of nine different one- to three- day workshops covering a wide range of topics and learning objectives -- all with the aim of teaching the communication tools and techniques necessary for enhancing your self-esteem and, thereby, your quality of life. Workshops cover such topics as cultural diversity, self-esteem, stress awareness, and communication skills.  For a complete listing of workshops and their curricula, please see the Workshops section of this site.


Inscape Publishing Field Guides to Human Nature

Life Esteem is proud to offer Inscape Publishing Field Guides to Human Nature. The Inscape Publishing is an international publisher of quality instruments and programs designed to increase self-awareness and improve personal effectiveness. As a Inscape Publishing partner, Life Esteem provides professional performance support and the complete selection of Inscape Publishing and programs.

Parenting Program

The Parent Training Institute, another service presented in four sessions by Life Esteem, will teach you effective parenting skills and techniques that can enrich the lives of all your family members.

Free Newsletter

An additional service offered by Life Esteem is the free, bimonthly distribution of the Emotional Wellness Matters newsletter, which covers a variety of different subjects involving the health and well-being of your inner life.

Life Esteem Products

Included among Life Esteem's other services are several Handbooks for the Art of Living -- compilations by Patricia L. Gadsden of inspirational writings to encourage you and help you along your life's journey.

Experience & Commitment

Patricia L. Gadsden, a graduate of D.C. Teachers College, began her career in Washington, D.C., working for a number of different companies in the field of Human Resources -- from Personnel Specialist to Manager of Compensation & Benefits to Director of Personnel.  Twenty years and eleven advanced-training certifications later, Mrs. Gadsden is an entrepreneur and professional trainer/consultant assisting businesses, state agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions by conducting workshops and seminars, making presentations and speeches at conferences and meetings, and writing curricula.  Her professional affiliations include the American Society for Training and Development, the Inscape Publishing, the National Council for Self-Esteem, and the National Association of Female Executives.  Also active on the boards of directors and councils of a number of vital civic and community organizations, Mrs. Gadsden co-hosts (with husband Nathaniel Gadsden) a weekly television program called Life Esteem, focusing on community issues, airing Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m. on WHP-TV 21.

Patricia L. Gadsden brings a lifetime of experience, professional training, expertise, and commitment to her work at Life Esteem as a motivating force for continuing personal change, growth, and self-acceptance.  Life Esteem, with its variety of services offered, can assist you in maximizing your potential for well-being and thus improve and enhance the quality of your life's journey!


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