Patricia Wimms Gadsden
Patricia L. Gadsden
Handbooks for the Art of Living 

Often in life we need to be inspired to continue to walk our journeys with courage and faith.  When I find inspirational Poems, Songs, Affirmations or Quotations that support me in my quest, I place them in a safe place like a lovely piece of jewelry, so that I can take them out and wear them again when I need them.

Over the years I have gathered many of these inspirational jewels and compiled them into four handbooks that you may find useful as resources for your own journey.

Patricia L. Gadsden



Self-Esteem QuotationsSelf-Esteem Quotations

A collection of short quotes which can be used on a daily basis or whenever needed. Many of these quotes in this little booklet can be found on this web site.


Price - $6.50


Self-Esteem is the Gift you Give Yourself

Self Esteem
is the Gift You Give Yourself

High self-esteem is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. If we feel good about ourselves, we will more likely know our value as a person. It is my intent to share with you in this handbook a mini reference and/or resource tool to use and share with others when self-esteem, yours or theirs, may be slipping or faltering.


Price - $6.50


Coming Together is a Beginning

African and African-American Treasures of Pledges and Credos - Third Edition

There is an old saying that goes "Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important." After reading this book again and again, everyone around you will notice a change in your expression. Your inner pride will begin to shine like never before.

Your African American Heritage will glow, and you will walk to the rhythm of the drum. Your smile will never deceive you and your life's work will never again be in question. Read! Learn! Live! - Pass it on!


Price - $7.95


Unlock Your Potential

A Seven Week Training Schedule for Developing High Self-Esteem Traits

This booklet contains a 7 week course designed to assist you in creating a more fulfilling life.  Each day you will be presented with an affirmation which will bring about positive changes in your life.

  • Week #1
  Positive Expectations
  • Week #2
  Decisive Goal Setting
  • Week #3
  Solid Self-Discipline
  • Week #4
  Superb Self Control
  • Week #5
  Driving Self-Motivation
  • Week #6
  Super Self-Image
  • Week #7
  Healthy Self-Esteem


Price - $6.50


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