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Unlocking Your Door: The Power to Be Your Best at Everything You Do!

Working Together: Being Effective in a Multicultural Organization


     Have you ever wondered what it would take to create the life-style you really wanted to live?  Would you like to know how to design a career and personal life that was deeply satisfying and fulfilling?  Yes!  Yes!  Unlocking Your Door is for you.  Upon completion of this one-day training, you will be able to:



  • Unlock the Obstacles to Your Confidence and Believe in Yourself

  • Eliminate the Affects of Criticism, Fear, Doubt, Worry and Negativity.

  • Increase Your Personal Power to Reduce Stress and Increase Self-Confidence

  • Discover How to Live a High Self-Esteem Affirming Life-Style

  • Improve the Quality of All Your Relationships

FORMAT: Interactive and participant-centered
NUMBER 0F PARTICIPANTS: 10 Minimum -- 30 Maximum

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