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Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing

Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing

an experience in Creative Journaling


The multifaceted model for this course is designed to serve as a guide to help you get safely off the emotional merry-go-round that often keeps people 'stuck' ~ with writing as the primary tool for change. The imagery of poetry, the creativity of story-writing, and the exploration of feelings through journaling are pathways toward a foundation for self-discovery. As you engage the written word throughout the Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing series, you will develop effective methods to not only recognize feelings such as anger, pain, abandonment, grief and even happiness ~ you will also learn to define, examine and manage those and other feelings!

Learning to achieve emotional stability is often quite a precarious balancing act. Emotions can be overwhelming. Unchecked and unmanaged, emotions can render us incapable of successfully functioning day-to-day. Faced with painful occurrences of the present, fears about the future, and unresolved issues from the past, one can begin to feel 'stuck'. Or, to coin an old phrase, one may have the sense of being "up the creek without a paddle". But congratulations! You have made the decision to claim a more harmonious life! You are now ready to begin the revealing journey that takes you far, far away from the place we will call

Someday Isle.Someday Isle

The Model

Someday Isle is not the place you want to be! As the model for this series, 'Someday Isle' translates to "Someday I'll" .

How often do you proclaim to yourself, "Someday I'll do this" or "Someday I'll do that"? Most of us unconsciously set ourselves up for defeat. We do so by thinking and uttering these self-fulfilling prophecies which thwart progress, contentment and success. Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing sets the stage and prepares you to realize the potential within. This series will also empower you with the skills necessary to direct the course of your life ~ for the rest of your life!


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