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Learning Self-Therapy Through WritingLearning Self-Therapy Through Writing


IT WORKS BEST WHEN YOU WORK AT IT! As you plan your getaway from Someday I'll, you will encounter four bridges. These are the Bridges of I AM ~ I CAN ~ I WANT TO ~ I'LL DO IT TODAY \ Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing provides clear guidelines and encourages expeditious timelines.

For your journey, several tools are required. They include pen and paper, your workbooks and journal, a willingness to do the work, and an open mind. The activities include creative writing, self-examination, and mutual sharing with others who have also chosen to cease dwelling on Someday I'll.

At times you may feel the journey is too rocky and the waves are too steep. Yet as you trek through the pages of Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing, you will internalize that YOU are in charge of your life. Learning Self-Therapy Through Writing is a lifelong mission toward the fulfillment of personal freedom and happiness!
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