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Learning Self-Therapy Through WritingLearning Self-Therapy Through Writing


An introduction to the course with excersizes to help you define who you are now and what is important to you.

The Bridge of I Am
Explore the fundamental arena in which beliefs about the self are created and nurtured.

The Bridge of I Can
Here is where, with a more sure-footed stance, you begin to garner the determination that you can make choices about your life.

The Bridge of I Want To
The Bridge of I Want To is learning to internalize and clarify exactly what it is you want to do, or change, or feel, or say, or think, or learn and developing the wherewithal to accomplish it!

The Bridge of I'll Do It Today
It is time to sum up and put into action all of the parts that make you a complete and self-actualized person.

Creative Journal Keeping
Learn how creative journaling helps to develop the imagination and creative expression, and encourages clarity for successful self-examination and concentration.

For Those Affected by Drug/Alcohol Abuse
A special section developed especially for those who are affected by drug or alchohol abuse.


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